Creating a ZIP File for Salesforce on a Mac

 A few posts out there about how the Mac Zip utility won't create a ZIP file with the proper data structure. This one was given to me by a friend and it worked well. I used this to create a deployment package, but I imagine it would work for static resources as well.

zip -r ./Folder-With-Your-Content -x "__MACOSX" -x ".*"

1. Navigate to the parent folder in Finder (the folder that "Folder-With-Your-Content" is in). Say, it's called "Deployments."

2. Hold down Ctrl and right click the parent folder. Then choose "New Terminal at Folder."

3. You will get a new Terminal window with the name of your folder and a % sign, e.g., Deployments %

Then paste the command above, swapping out the two values for your real folder names.


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