Community Deployment: "The priority is higher than the maximum stored priority."

We got this error when deploying Communities.

The priority is higher than the maximum stored priority. Use a lower priority.Details:Personalization Target Info ID - 6At8G0000004M8ASAU,Target Type - ExperienceVariation,Target Value - Home_ESMX_Theme_Navigation_Menu_8_Component_Properties,Group Name - d9b26ca9-27fd-4ac1-a965-d4c7e0a32bbb$#$16ddf820-1ec5-4e9d-beed-950c2814e4de,Publish Status - Draft,Group Priority - 9

There is very little information on the Google machine about this error specifically. We found that we got this error because we did not include all our Audiences in the deployment.


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