Deploying Audiences - Don't Change the Display Name!

 Deploying Audiences with your Community can be an odyssey. In our case we got this error:

[ ] An unexpected error occurred with gackId 2077957683-448881 (1131023739). Try again or contact your Salesforce admin for help.

This idiosyncratic and cryptic error made our heads spin. It turned out that the display name of the Audience had been changed. Even though you'll see an API name for it in the metadata, when it does deployment checks, something is going on where it expects the display name to align to the API name.

In our case, we changed the naming convention of our Audiences. When "Canada (French)" became "Market - Canada - French" in the UI but the API name remained "Canada_French", it failed to deploy and we got that ugly-as-sin error.

We had two options: to live with a nonconforming name, or rebuild the Audience. We chose the latter.


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